Product Update March 2021

GIPHY Integration, Mix & Match

Features and improvements

GIPHY Integration 🎉

We made content creation for your Stories super easy! You can now select thumbnail and story GIFS right from GIPHY, the world's largest GIF library.

Gifs for Shopify

Mix Storypops that open stories along with ones that redirect to specific pages.

Get creative and make beautiful narratives by mixing visual storytelling with direct calls-to-action that direct users to product pages, blog posts, or any other pages 😎

Improved Storypops' placement and visibility 👌

We made the Thumbnail's play-button take less space and improved how stand-alone Thumbnails are displayed on mobile. Previously a single Thumbnail was left-align with its title on the right, now it's centered.

Max 10 Instagram stories

In order to keep your store fresh and make everything more efficient, we'll show only 10 Insta stories at a time. If you need more, just shoot us a message at 💌

Improved the process of connecting Instagram and adding Instagram Stories

Bug fixes and refinements

  • Fixed a bug that caused a Storypop's preview to disappear, after certain actions such as deleting & recreating it and more.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unfinished Storypops to appear on preview.
  • Fixed a bug that had previews disappearing after adding a video thumbnail.

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