Product Update July 2021

Stability & Major update coming soon

Features and improvements

Highlights are now called Storypops

So far, when you created a group of stories, it was called a Highlight, but from now on, it is a Storypop. A minor change, but everything will make sense when we release the new version of our product ;)


Improved Instagram connection 🔗

‍We improved our Instagram integration to ensure that your stories are always synced. We will notify you in the rare case that your Instagram account disconnects from Storypop and your stories are not up-to-date.


Bug fixes and refinements

  • Fixed a bug where your synced Instagram Stories appeared in reverse order (old to new)—now it's appropriately (new to old).

This month in Storypop

Soon we'll introduce a new set of tools designed to help you get more sales by making eCommerce creative and offering unique customer experiences. All current features will only get better.


The inspiration came over the past months when we reviewed our data and talked with many high-revenue merchants to figure out a new way to communicate with customers and increase revenues with storytelling marketing. The new update is the outcome of our learnings so far and the beginning of a different marketing experience for Shopify.