Product Update February 2021

Simple announcement bar, clean design, and more speed

Features and improvements

Simple announcements without Stories

Display your message on top of your store without stories or thumbnails. Inform your customers or redirect them by opening a URL on click. Visual storytelling is powerful but simplicity is always appreciated.

Storypops with no thumbnail

Create Highlights without messages

Sometimes an image, or thumbnail, is worth a thousand words. This allows you to create clean and minimal Highlights without cluttering your page with text. Makes it easier for your customer's eyes and add a sense of mystery to what is included inside the Highlight.

Speed, Speed, Speed

We reduced the time it takes to navigate and work on the Storypop dashboard. Time is your most valuable resource and we don't want to waste it ⏰

Cleaner Highlights for desktop

We resized the Highlights in the Storypop Bar so they are more distinct and contribute to a nice & neat feeling.

Hassle-free highlight editing

Edit a Highlight easily by clicking it from your dashboard or by clicking "Edit" in its dropdown menu. Previously, you could edit it only by clicking the image.

Responsive design for smaller screens

In case you want to edit your Highlights on the go through a tablet or small laptop, Storypop's dashboard will fit just right in your display.

Set your Storypop's display rules as you set it up

Bug fixes and refinements

  • Fixed a bug that caused saving a Highlight with an empty message load till the end of time. Now it's gone.
  • Fixed a bug that made saving your Storypop settings load forever if you tried to remove the watermark.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the first Highlight to be invisible in Preview when there were multiple Highlights.
  • Compatibility with Motion and Venture Themes.

This month in Storypop

We now offer Concierge onboarding to everyone who wants to get the most out of Storypop.

Book a slot and we'll:

⚡️  install and set up Storypop on your Shopify store

💡  align Storypop to your overall marketing strategy

📝  prepare a tailor-made plan on what announcement Stories to use