Product Update August 2020

Swipe up & Better Product Stories

Features and improvements

Added Swipe up functionality

Your store visitors can now swipe up and follow the linked page of each Story—exactly like in the official Instagram app. This will lead to more visits to your product and collection pages and eventually to more sales.Before that, your store visitors could click on the button on the bottom of each story.

Thumbnails of Product Stories are now zoomed in Highlights widget

This new improvement makes Product Stories more compelling and beautiful. More people will now click to watch the products you feature in your Highlights widget.

Product Stories

2x faster onboarding

We made our onboarding two times faster by optimizing the creation of the first Product Stories our customers choose to create.Storypop automatically generates beautiful Product Stories from your products. The story includes a product image from your store and a gradient background based on the main color of your product image.

Storypop onboarding

The widget is now hidden from the Cart and Checkout page

By default, our widget is not displayed in these pages because we want to avoid dropouts from these pages and lose of sales.

Bug fixes and refinements

  • Fixed a bug that caused Instagram Stories to be displayed in reverse order during onboarding.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Swipe up not to work properly in Venue Shopify theme.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Product Story to be displayed twice.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Instagram Profile picture not to be displayed in stories, if your Instagram account was disconnected and re-connected to Storypop.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Video stories not to have the right ratio is some cases.r
  • Fixed a bug that caused Highlight re-arrangement not to work properly.

This month in Storypop

Launched our brand new website: Check it out at →

New Storypop website

Added three more Instagram analytics tools to Instapop—our curated directory with the best Instagram apps.