Product Update April 2021

Customer Reviews template, more upload size, Inspiration page

Features and improvements

Upload more, better & higher-quality content with 25MB of space

🌟 Now you can upload longer, higher-quality videos that keep people engaged and increase your Time-on-Page for your SEO. Stop compressing your images to keep those visuals crisp (previously 15MB).

New announcement template for Customer Reviews 🎉

A great way to add social proof to your store and show how much people value your products with a simple customer testimonial or quote. Just take some screenshots from your Reviews page and upload them on Storypop.

Bug fixes and refinements

  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Something went wrong" message to appear when in fact, nothing had gone wrong.
  • Fixed a bug in some Shopify themes which made the menu bar hidden and created other issues when the theme's Announcement bar was enabled with sticky position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dashboard buttons to be out of view in screens smaller than 1440px in width.
  • Fixed a bug that made it unclear how to save your work after rearranging your highlights—now there's a visible Save button.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Instagram stories to load for eternity when one connected their IG account to Storypop.
  • Fixed a bug where the entire app didn't work on Safari.
  • Fixed a bug that cropped videos on the preview.
  • Fixed a bug that caused video thumbnails to be empty on your dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue in Windows Chrome which caused the dashboard not to be visible properly.

This month in Storypop

A curated directory with ideas on using Storypop to increase sales 💸

Browse through creative stories that can fit your store to grab people's attention and help your brand communicate uniquely; inspired by our most successful customers.Get inspired at Storypop Inspiration →